The Owen 3 Layer Technique

The unique “Owen Three-Layer Closure Technique” we use in our vasectomy reversal procedures is incredibly successful…

At Metrocentre we are one of the few clinics in the world to use this refined closure technique, which was pioneered and perfected by Professor Owen in 1971 and has been performed ever since in conjunction with Dr Chris Lekich and his team. This highly successful technique has been used in over 6000 microsurgical vasectomy reversal procedures.

This technique is uniquely effective as it uses three layers of suture to re-join the two ends of the vas tube. The vas tube has three layers:

  • Inner intima
  • Middle muscular
  • Outer advential layer

With a width of just two hairs, the vas tube bore (or lumen) that transports sperm must be aligned delicately and accurately to both allow the sperm to flow once more and minimise the risk of fibrosis or scarring.

The procedure is performed under a high power Zeiss operating microscope with a Xenon light source and takes on average 2-3 hours to perform. Anastomosis (or re-joining of the affected tubes) on both sides of the scrotum are always attempted.

The benefits of the Owen Three-Layer Closure Technique

This advanced technique presents a range of benefits over other traditional reversal procedures:

  • A stronger anastomosis (join) of the vas tube can be achieved. This enables the successful passage of sperm and due to the supporting sutures this does not create any tension on the site of the join
  • The three-layer alignment maintains the passage of sperm and minimises unwanted scarring to optimise the success of the procedure