Redo Vasectomy Reversal

Have you recently undergone a failed vasectomy reversal?

If you have recently had a failed vasectomy reversal and are worried IVF is now the ONLY option available to you, Dr Chris Lekich has some good news.

Dr Lekich is one of the most experienced microsurgeons in the world and has been able to perform many successful re-do vasectomy reversals.

Operating in a purpose-built microsurgical facility, Dr Chris Lekich offers expert microsurgical care using ultrasound technology. This ultrasound technology allows Dr Chris to not only accurately and safely assess your situation, but also to perform vasectomy reversals with minimal post-surgery scarring.

To achieve these results for his patients, Dr Chris Lekich uses the Owen 3 Layer Micro-Surgical Vasectomy Reversal procedure.

What are my chances of a successful re-do vasectomy reversal?

How successful this treatment is will depend on factors such as:

  1. How previous surgeries were performed
  2. The condition of the vas deferens
  3. How long ago you had your vasectomy
  4. When you had the failed vasectomy reversal

For expert re-do vasectomy reversal surgery, see Dr Chris Lekich at Metrocentre

Metrocentre has four locations around Australia: Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Based on the Gold Coast, Dr Lekich visits his other three locations on a monthly basis—so no matter which facility you have your treatment, Dr Lekich will be performing the surgery.

What to expect at your consultation

Dr Lekich specialises in complex microsurgery and re-do surgery from other doctors. With Dr Lekich’s experience using ultrasound, he can predict the results of treatment as well as the complexity of your surgery. We will also advise you about whether or not you should avoid surgery.

Case Study: the 7 surgery man

If you want to know more, or to book a consultation, contact Metrocentre today.