At Metrocentre our highly experienced team can provide patients with an advanced and highly successful open-ended vasectomy technique.

Vasectomy Reversal

Metrocentre is dedicated to providing men with the most advanced and precise vasectomy reversal treatments available in Australia.

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Metrocentre is dedicated to men who would like to explore their options in regards to contraception and fertility, and who prefer to be treated with the most advanced and precise surgical techniques available.

Our team of highly experienced medical professionals are lead by Dr Chris Lekich who performs more vasectomy and microsurgical vasectomy reversals combined than any other practitioner in Australia with the vasectomy designed to specifically avoid post vasectomy congestion pain and which consequently makes it the most reversible vasectomy.

Metrocentre offers detailed information about our procedures that is specific, clear and easy to understand so that you can make a well-informed choice when it comes to your vasectomy or vasectomy reversal procedure.

Why Choose Metrocentre?

At Metrocentre, we offer our patients The Metrocentre Way: the perfected reversible vasectomy.

Deciding on your doctor takes time, research and consideration. The vas deferens tissue is precious and limited in length, and you should have complete trust in your doctor before moving forward with treatment.

  • Reduced incidences of post vasectomy pain (related to congestion) syndrome
  • Open ended vasectomies: the Metrocentre Way maximise the potential of a successful future reversal
  • Metrocentre use a carefully considered reconstructive procedure to maximise success of sterility
  • Preserves lymphatics, nerves, veins and other arteries

  • Metrocentre’s experienced team has successfully reversed vasectomies performed anywhere up to 34 years ago
  • 90% success rate of the Owen Three-Layer closure technique for vasectomy reversal for patients 0-5 years since vasectomy
  • The three-layer alignment maintains the passage of sperm and minimises scarring to optimise the success of the procedure
  • Stronger anastomosis (join) of the vas deferens tube can be achieved, enabling a successful passage of sperm
  • Use of diagnostic ultrasound imaging for assessment, planning and mapping of scrotum is exclusive to Metrocentre

World Class Facilities

Our modern state-of-the-art theatres across Australia allow our patients to have the best experience possible. These dedicated facilities and high level of technical and diagnostic support enable us to provide excellent outcomes for our patients. Metrocentre is fully accredited by Global Mark and licensed by Queensland Health.

The Earl Owen Three – Layer Closure Technique

Metrocentre utilises the specialised and highly successful “Owen Three-Layer Closure Technique” developed in 1971 by Professor Owen, an early pioneer of general microsurgery and World President of the International College of Surgeons (I.C.S) from 1996-1998.

Professor Earl practised the technique on almost 6000 men with an overall actual baby birth rate of 85%.

The specialised technique uses a high power Zeiss operating microscope with a Xenon light source to perform the reversal procedure. Anastomosis (or re-joining of the affected tubes) on both sides of the scrotum are always attempted.

Our own Dr Lekich trained for 3 years under Professor Owen before succeeding him. Dr Lekich is now one of the few Doctors worldwide utilising this highly perfected microsurgical technique. Through the Earl Owen Three – Layer Closure Technique, Dr Lekich is able to achieve up to 90% success rates for vasectomy reversals giving his patients the chance to produce children once again.

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Dr Lekich is the medical director of Metrocentre. He is a Queensland medical graduate with a 15-year microsurgical background working in the field of ophthalmology and retinal microsurgery, hence his love of microscopes. He changed his pursuits for eye surgery to the treatment of varicose veins using endovenous laser and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (hence his love of ultrasound) training and becoming a fellow of the Australasian College of Phlebology. This came about due to the serious blood clot his wife developed in varicose veins during pregnancy. It was his wife’s necessity to get off the oral contraceptive pill due to her venous disorder that led him to a decision for a vasectomy and after much personal research to Professor Owen’s team to perform this as an Open Ended Vasectomy.

Professor Owen referred Dr Lekich to Dr Bruce Errey (the pioneer of the Open Ended Vasectomy and 30,041 vasectomy fame) to be trained to perform this specialised type of vasectomy so that his female patients with severe varicose veins could get off the pill and ensure that their partners were looked after with an excellent vasectomy. On retiring Dr Errey asked Dr Lekich to succeed him, and as a result, Dr Lekich was suddenly very busy performing vasectomies.

Professor Owen then suggested that Dr Lekich tryout for a position as his successor. After attending master class sessions with Professor Owen at the Microsearch Foundation, and it was determined that he had the attributes to perform the most exacting microsurgery, Professor Owen undertook a personal full-time three (3) training of Dr Lekich at the microscope. This involved over 200 hundred sites performing the Owen 3 Layer Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal pioneered and perfected over 40 years. This also involved the management of Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome and the most exacting microsurgical procedure known to man, the Bypass Epididymovasostomy (EV) as per Professor Owen’s account only mastered by few in the world. He retired his vasectomy reversal practice of 6000 cases to Dr Lekich when he felt that it was like looking at his own fingers down the microscope.


It has been an absolute privilege for Dr Barry Walters to have touched our lives.  We will, through his influence, continue his life’s work.   Dr Walters passed away peacefully on October 22nd  2016, he performed over 13000 Vasectomy procedures throughout his career. 

We will miss him and always remember him, our friend and our mentor, May he rest in peace.

The Metrocentre Way


Dr Chris Lekich recognised a need for a reliable
vasectomy technique which would be:

  • Less invasive
  • Less problematic
  • Safer
  • Involves minimal scarring
  • Most reversible

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