A Note from Dr Lekich

Please consider these points when doing your research on either vasectomy or vasectomy reversal:

1. The vas deferens tissue is precious and limited in length and deciding who should operate on it should be carefully considered

2. If you are thinking about a vasectomy, consider all your options as not all vasectomies are the same

3. If you have had a vasectomy and would like more children – A well performed vasectomy reversal may be your best option. Ask your surgeon to describe the operation in detail and show you video of their vasectomy reversal and bypass epididymovasostomy (EV)

4. The best quality sperm after a vasectomy is most likely to come from the ejaculate after a successful vasectomy reversal, rather than aspirated (IVF) from clogged up tubules in the epididymis or immature sperm resected from testicle tissue.

5. If you have had a failed vasectomy reversal, IVF is not your only pathway left to have more children, seek a second opinion and assessment for a vasectomy reversal redo procedure.

  • We have many new patients from all over Australia and from overseas who have seen us for a consultation and ultrasound after having their first vasectomy reversal procedure performed elsewhere and fail. Most find that a redo reversal with us is an option with good success.
  • We have many patients who have experienced successful outcomes after redo vasectomy reversal surgery.

6. If you have been told that a vasectomy reversal is not possible because you have had multiple IVF extractions, seek a second opinion and assessment. Many of our patients who have children today were told this prior to seeing us.

7. If you have had vasectomy and multiple past scrotal surgeries, and have been told a vasectomy reversal is not possible, consider a second opinion and assessment.

8. If you have had a vasectomy and would like to have it reversed, Dr Lekich’s use of ultrasound is extremely important to assess and give you all the information needed to decide between options.

Ultrasound is particularly useful in Dr. Lekich’s hands to assess, map and plan for:

  • vasectomy reversal,
  • previously failed vasectomy reversals,
  • significant past scrotal surgery requiring vasectomy and reversal of vasectomy
  • post vasectomy pain syndrome
  • males born without entire plumbing (Congenital Absence of Vas Deferens) that may benefit from Epididymo vasostomy (EV) surgery

9. Post vasectomy pain is managed at Metrocentre THROUGH ultrasound assessment, mapping and planning.