Myths and Facts

There are many common myths and misconceptions about vasectomy procedures…

At Metrocentre our team have heard them all and have compiled a gallery to help alleviate any of your queries and concerns:

The open-ended vasectomy technique was created to reduce Post Vasectomy Pain syndrome related to congestion.

Some patients experience an on-going inflammatory pain associated with the blockage of vas that is more likely to occur following a vasectomy performed using the Traditional technique.

Due to the fact that men continue to produce more than 20 million sperm per day, the Open- End procedure leaves the testicular end of the vas open to allow sperm to continue to move out of the vas and is reabsorbed into the surrounding tissues just under the skin, rather than clogging in the delicate storage tubules that make up the epididymis. The release of sperm from the testicular end is like a pressure valve release and will slow down over months or years; however, this is not a sudden closure as in a traditional vasectomy. Therefore, the cascade of inflammation, scarring and pain in the tubules is avoided. An Open-ended Vasectomy should take around 30 minutes to perform.

Contrary to popular belief, open-ended vasectomies do not have a higher failure rate, as the two ends are separated and placed in different scrotal compartments to prevent the two ends rejoining again.

Dr Lekich sees many vasectomised men utilising the ultrasound for vasectomy reversal assessment and is amazed that even at 30 years after an Open-Ended Vasectomy the testicular structures look much less inflamed and scarred than those of a Traditional vasectomy performed six months earlier.

No – a vasectomy procedure will not alter the appearance or performance of your penis

You will still continue to produce sperm and male hormones in the same way- the sperm is simply prevented from mixing with the semen before ejaculation.

No – and this has been proven by large studies showing that you will not get heart disease, prostate cancer, autoimmune diseases associated with your vasectomy. Sperm antibodies are more likely to develop after a vasectomy although it is a myth that these cause diseases or stop vasectomy reversals from working.

NO – for most males it takes around three months for the sperm to be cleared from the tubes.

During the Open –Ended Vasectomy procedure some of the sperm will be flushed out ‘downstream’.  After the procedure when you feel comfortable and up until you perform your three month sperm count, it is recommended that you have at least 30 ejaculations (sex with your partner will result in the most forceful muscular contractions at orgasm). This will completely flush out residual sperm and usually achieves a nil result on your sperm test.

Use contraception up until you have received your post vasectomy sperm count results.

Sometimes, we find that if you have not had enough sex, you may have a test result that indicates dead sperm present rather than no sperm present. If this is the case, the sperm are dead so you will not be able to get your partner pregnant, however you should still use contraception and have another test done in a month’s time to ensure a nil sperm count.

In short, have lots of sex post operatively to avoid the hassle of repeat testing.

A vasectomy, or a vasectomy reversal procedure will not make sex feel any better or worse

This is due to the fact that these procedures do not change any hormonal or physical functions associated with male sexual activities. Some couples report that a vasectomy has enhanced their sex life as they do not have to deal with the stress or anxiety associated with the potential threat of an accidental pregnancy.

This surgery will not affect your sexual ability, although sex should be avoided for the first 3-5 days after surgery. After this time we recommend that you have as much protected sex as possible- this enables faster clearance of the remaining sperm from the vas above the vasectomy site.

Dr Lekich has managed patients from elsewhere for post vasectomy pain where sex has been painful after the original vasectomy procedure. This has not been the experience of any of our Open – Ended Vasectomy patients.

No – a vasectomy will not make men age faster!

This procedure will not even hinder the production of sperm, as men will continue to produce over 20 million sperm per day as normal after a vasectomy procedure.

You will still be 100% yourself after a vasectomy

This procedure does not impact on your hormonal balance, and you will continue to produce sperm as usual.

Yes – after a vasectomy you will still continue to ejaculate as normal

The only difference is that the fertile sperm will not be mixed with the semen and therefore the ejaculated material is sterile. The testicles will continue to produce sperm after a vasectomy, so if both vas have been tied off, the stream of sperm is simply blocked in the vas tube.

Semen is produced by glands located in the pelvis called the seminal vesticles and prostate, and this is added to the sperm to create normal ejaculate. This seminal fluid makes up about 95% of the ejaculate and so men who have undergone a vasectomy may not notice any difference in the volume of ejaculate.

If you have any further questions or concerns the highly experienced team at Metrocentre are more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise.