Not all Vasectomies are created equal

In our experience assessing vasectomies performed all over the world, vasectomies are inconsistent in how they are performed. This includes inconsistencies in: 

  • The technique used
  • How much of the vas deferens is removed
  • How much scarring is left after the procedure
  • The results achieved

A vasectomy performed the Metrocentre Way is consistent and it is not a quick-snip.

Our vasectomy is designed to avoid the complications of chronic post-vasectomy congestion pain and is the most reversible should circumstances change. It Is important to learn about the different doctors and techqniues available so you can make an informed choice about the type of vasectomy you wish to have, and the doctor you want to perform it. 

What is a Vasectomy, the Metrocentre Way? 

We perform highly precise vasectomies in our clinics throughout Australia, as well as at our purpose-built, private hospital on the Gold Coast. The Metrocentre way of performing a vasectomy involves a reconstructive procedure where the focus is preserving the plumbing of the vas deferens to avoid the complication of haemorrhage and post vasectomy congestion pain; as well as to make it the most reversible if circumstances should ever change. 

For complicated cases, our vasectomies are supported by onsite ultrasound assessment. 

A Metrocentre vasectomised patient is unlikely to be aware that they have had a vasectomy, unlike the traditional, closed-ended vasectomy patients that can experience aching and tenderness, which can be debilitating and chronic. 

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Or read our vasectomy information guide to find out more about Vasectomies the Metrocentre Way

Further Reading About Open-ended Vasectomy

Our highly experienced and caring staff are more than happy to answer any of your queries and concerns in regards to the open-ended vasectomy procedures we offer at Metrocentre located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and on the Gold Coast.