Sully’s Vasectomy

Radio star Sully has an Open-Ended Vasectomy at Metrocentre. (There are no nasty bits here, just entertainment!)

It is important to note that the personal details of all patients at Metrocentre remain private and completely confidential and that Sully announced his vasectomy on Brisbane radio. He consented to the use of his video to give patients insight into the comfort level of a vasectomy performed at Metrocentre.

Matthew Benns on Professor Earl Owen

In an article for Perth Now, Matthew Benns interviews Dr Chris Lekich who is the successor of the international vasectomy reversal practice of pioneering micro-surgeon Professor Earl Owen - inventor of the Owen 3-layer Microsurgical  Vasectomy Reversal and Bypass Epididymovasostomy.

Professor Owen was the world pioneer of Microsurgery and the world's first hand and double hand transplant pioneer. You can also read his Autobiography "Under the Microscope" here.