For Doctors

Metrocentre is dedicated to men who would like to explore their options in regards to contraception and demand to be treated with the most advanced and precise surgical techniques available. At our open-ended vasectomy and micro-surgical vasectomy clinic we have created a professional, supportive and personalized service to ensure that your or your patients’ needs are catered to every step of the way. Our advanced procedural techniques and excellent patient care ensures that you can refer your patients to our practice with confidence.

At Metrocentre we perform:

  • The Open Ended Vasectomy with a true reconstruction to reduce the incidence of post vasectomy pain (Congestion) Syndrome. Dr Lekich has been trained extensively by Professor Earl Owen and Dr Errey, two of the world’s leading open ended vasectomy advocates.
  • The Owen Three layer closure technique for our Vasectomy Reversals – pioneered and perfected by Professor Owen in 1971. This technique is renowned worldwide and at Metrocentre we are dedicated to providing yourself or your patient with the upmost care.

Are you looking to refer a patient?

Are You Looking To Undergo A Vasectomy Yourself?

If you are seeking a vasectomy yourself, please inform our staff as we offer a rebate procedure to medical practitioners.

To discover more about Metrocentre, or to refer a patient to our centres located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, please contact us.