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Metrocentre was recently featured on, after Dr Chris Lekich performed a vasectomy reversal – inspired by the microsurgical techniques of his mentors. Ross and Sonia Deakin were one of many couples who changed their minds after undergoing a vasectomy procedure. Ross had already undergone a vasectomy when the couple decided that they once again
By starting a conversation you can help bring awareness to a problem that is making worldwide issues such as global warming, poverty and war all the more complicated – Population. For men who don’t want to have children, having a vasectomy is the best way that they can be responsible to themselves and their families.
When it comes to selecting an appropriate form of contraception, many men find a vasectomy procedure worth considering. The selection of reliable contraception is a highly important decision for all sexually active males, and at Metrocentre we offer one of the most reliable and permanent forms of contraception: an open ended vasectomy procedure. This minimally invasive procedure
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An open-ended vasectomy is one of the safest vasectomy techniques with reduced damage to microtubule congestion and is easier to reverse… The topic of contraception, especially for men, can be a difficult subject to discuss but the fact is, by taking contraception from  a women’s domain to an option for men, gives men the power
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Recent studies have revealed some concerning potential side effects and increased risks associated with the use of oral contraceptives… A reliable, long term contraceptive method is a must for many couples who are not wishing to start or expand their family in the near future. There are a range of contraceptive methods available that are
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Giddy up, this isn’t your first rodeo! Second marriages are on the rise and so is the interest in effective vasectomy reversal procedures. Almost one fifth of Australian marriages now involve a partner that has been married before, and this has influenced the popularity and interest in vasectomy reversal procedures in recent years. Although vasectomy

Common Vasectomy Concerns Busted!

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When it comes to vasectomy procedures there are many myths in regards to the potential side effects associated with this minimally invasive procedure. At Metrocentre we are sharing our expertise to help bust many of the most common myths and misconceptions associated with Vasectomy procedures. Some of the most common queries we receive at our Vasectomy
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At Metro Centre We Demystify 3 Common Myths about Vasectomy We know that like many other medical procedures, some information can become twisted and believed as truth. At Metro Centre we know the power of total knowledge, and have decided to shed some light on some of the most common myths surrounding vasectomies. Vasectomies are a
Getting a vasectomy is a medical decision which requires a lot of planning and careful decision making. Here at Metrocentre we can offer expert medical advice so that you feel you have the right mental tools in order to make the right decision. Dr Lekich at Metrocentre is one of the leading doctors when it comes to